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your technical ally to fix cars.

We turn real-life faults into verified step-by-step car diagnostic and repair processes.

Car Repair Databse

We analyse and fix real-life breakdowns submitted by car repair and service garages, and we convert them into technical service bulletins (EinaVTS TSB). We structure them by error codes (DTC), symptoms, causes, and verified step-by-step diagnostic and repair procedures with illustrative images and repairing tips, to make professional car repairers’ daily operations much easier.

Car Repair Database

EinaVTS car repair database integrates more than 15 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, and it is based on the daily experience and technical requests of more than 15,000 automotive repair and service professionals, and on the sector’s real-life insights.

15+ years of experience and expertise in the automotive sector.

Daily solved and verified real-life car faults from our technical call center, EinaContact, with 50+ technical advisors, 15.000+ subscribers and 200,000+ requests/ year.

Daily solved and verified real-life cases from our ECU experts, EinaTech.

Makes and OE manufacturers technical bulletins and Tech RMI.

Practical car diagnostic and repair process approach, according to technical nomenclature and TecDoc identifications, and respecting the standards and steps of a professional car diagnostic and repair procedure.

Technical language simplification for an easy reading comprehension.

Structured and understandable technical bulletins.

User-friendly Troubleshooting multi-field search engine to hit better the target.

Languages: Spanish, English and French.

Includes Google Translator (https://einavts.com/en/gt) for other languages

The largest and most up-to-date car repair database made by experienced automotive technicians for professional automotive technicians.

Why should EinaVTS Technical Service Bulletins be reviewed as part of your diagnosis?

Reason 1:

Searching how to fix the car on the internet -on automotive specialised forums, technical blogs or official OEM platforms-, takes a lot of time and efforts as you will have to verify the quality and truthfulness of the sources and/or to compare the many different solutions you will find. It is easier and more reliable to search only in EinaVTS database to hit the target since all suitable solutions are approved and confirmed by our senior repairers and Call Centre technicians.

Reason 2:

Again, you will save a lot of time. Usually, OEM TSB are very long, too technical, and difficult to understand. You can get lost in them. EinaVTS TSB are simplified, much shorter, easy to read, and user-friendly.

Reason 3:

If we have fixed the fault before, take advantage of our experience and work, and you will fix the car faster.

Reason 4:

You will get additional information and tips to become more professional, efficient, and effective.

Reason 5:

You will get all the available EinaVTS TSB related to the car, so you will be able to foresee probable common faults and prevent them. The car owner will appreciate it and you will be building a strong relationship with them based on professionalism and trust.

Take a look at some EinaVTS Technical Service Bulletins (TSB):

hyundai ix35 technical service bulletin



ford mondeo technical service bulletin



toyota prius technical service bulletin



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Get the point with EinaVTS Technical Bulletins! Why starting from scratch?

You can enter the symptoms or error codes of the vehicle and if we have already solved the fault, you will get the corresponding technical service bulletin with the fault’s symptoms, causes and verified solution and repair procedure to start fixing the car immediately!

We make it easy for you! From automotive technician, we speak the same language!

EinaVTS Car Repair Database is meant to diagnose and repair cars in a simple way. We simplify the technical language of our TSB to avoid confusions, and we focus on the repair process to enable car repairers to be more effective and efficient. Work faster, save time and money, and be more productive. From auto technician to auto technician, we speak the same language!

What else can we say about EinaVTS Car Repair Database?

Save time, money, and resources.

Get EinaVTS and become more effective, efficient, and productive with our Technical Bulletins!

We have the solution to (nearly) all faults!

We help you to speed up your operations.

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Sometimes a simple fault is often the most challenging problem technicians face, we have all been caught out by things like a faulty brake pedal switch, a bad contact creating high resistance, an incorrect connection, a component that requires an electronic reset, a basic adjustment of a unit or a fuse… All these can be challenging and can frustrate us resulting in a waste of energy, time, and money.

Regardless of the experience and expertise of the mechanic, regardless of the complexity of the breakdown, or if you are just having a bad day, it is always useful to have EinaVTS on hand to help you to fix vehicles faster and more efficiently, saving energy, time and money.The EinaVTS easy-to-follow troubleshooting bulletins will help you to arrow and solve car breakdowns.

It will become your day-to-day technical ally to carry out diagnostics and repairs. Just fill in the DTC or some of the symptoms, and the vehicle brand and model, and find out how to fix the car’s fault.